About Us

Who We Are

Capitol FM 89.7 owned by Matrix Media Inc., is an urban contemporary radio that operates lifestyle programming, driven by events, credible news, pulsating talk shows and captivating entertainment that includes sports, lifestyle and culture, with an eclectic mix of music dedicated to a broad spectrum of our listeners.

Who are we?

In an already crowded market place the Capitol FM radio brand is refreshingly different in that it combines a comprehensive and credible news function, backed by innovative listener-driven programs, and exciting promotions with vibrant audience participation.

The station is listener-centered and also caters for promotions, events and comprehensive news.The station will be the platform and advocate for consumer issues, including road safety, sanitation, education, good healthcare, security etc.

  • We are an aspiration
  • We are a Radio Station
  • We are an Information Centre
  • We are a Lifestyle Companion